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Our mission: To create unexpected, joyful, interactive art and make it accessible to all.

Grandview ArtWalk. 

In 2019, we created a series of Salamander sidewalk paintings. This one is the Studio H salamander. There are more on the sidewalks around Grandview, use our ArtWalk map to help you find them all…

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Public art can express community values, enhance our environment, transform a landscape, heighten our awareness, or question our assumptions. Placed in public sites, this art is there for everyone, a form of collective community expression.

Public art is a reflection of how we see the world – the artist’s response to our time and place, combined with our own sense of who we are.

We think this is important stuff. If you would like to help us continue to bring all these things to Grandview please consider making a donation, so we can keep doing this work. Even small donations accumulate to make a big difference.

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Financial support is always useful but you can get involved in other ways too. We need your ideas for future projects and workshops. We need people from the community to get involved and commit time and expertise to what we do.

or come and see us in person

at the Grandview Hop

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